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    Hi, Welcome to Digging Deeper course.

    This new course, Digging Deeper, is field archaeologist David Down's second series on archaeology, history and the Bible. You must have done the first series called Digging Up The Past, before you are eligible to start this more advanced second level course. Digging Deeper goes much further than the first series in evaluating the spiritual values of ancient civilisations.

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  • Topic 1

    The Ancient Greeks and the Life to Come


    The Greek empire was forged by the bravery of men like Leonidas and Alexander. However, it was Greek culture, religion and philosophy that revealed to the world who this nation really were and their true place on the world stage.

    Encounter the apostle Paul's challenge to Greek philosophy and an investigation of the complex theme of the afterlife.

  • Topic 2


    Jerash was one of Rome's famous Ten Cities. It is in remarkably pristine condition today as an archaeological site. What can we learn from the civilisations which imposed their rule over this city.

    Examine Jerash's Biblical connection and an ancient story with cosmic connections that might even affect your relationships with other people today.

  • Topic 3

    Before History Began

    Starting back in ancient Egypt journey back in time to rediscover lost information regarding the origins of the world.

    Understand the context of the universal flood stories and gain insights into the why of human suffering and pain that all started before history began.

  • Topic 4

    Mount Sinai

    During the past few years there has been raging debate about the historicity of the Israelite nation leaving Egypt. Join the debate and discover nautical records which may bring evidence of where this great nation might have crossed over the Red Sea.

    Encounter new facts about the location of the true Mt Sinai and why the traditional site is does not fit with the description given in the ancient Biblical writings. Understand the true gravity of the legal and moral revelation given to the world at Mt Sinai.

  • Topic 5


    What can an old synagogue on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, teach us about our human need for bodily rest and spiritual refreshment? Encounter the controversial figure, Jesus of Nazareth, as he taught the people and why he healed their diseases on an ancient holy day.

    This pristine archaeological site has much to teach us about human nature and the divine rest for human restlessness that we so desperately need.

  • Topic 6

    Four Great Empires

    Can a timeless prophecy given back in the time of the ancient Babylonian Empire, give us clues as to the future progress of modern European history?

    Was the European Union foretold by an Israelite prophet serving the greatest Babylonian king of all time? Travel back to the time of Daniel and encounter an astounding prophecy that reaches right down to our day.

  • Topic 7

    Burial Customs in Bible Lands

    This strange topic follows the rites of passage for the dead from the ancient nations of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Hittites, Romans and Israelites.

    The Jewish "House of Gates," is a fascinating archaeological site in northern Israel where the caves preserve the ancient carvings and graves of many who died over 18 centuries ago. What happens after death is investigated according to the ancient Hebrew and Greek writings bringing a sense of assurance and hope for all peoples.

  • Topic 8

    The Occult in Antiquity

    The influence of the Occult is traced from right back in Egypt, through to our modern astrological practices today. The signs of the zodiac, divination, spiritualism and even seances are discussed in this forthright supernatural study. Travel to the old site of the Witch of Endor in Israel.

    Is the Devil real or merely a caricature? How can spirits or ghosts be accounted for? Are they real or figments of the imagination? The answers to these questions may astound the reader and challenge long held preconceptions about the reality of the supernatural world.

  • Topic 9

    Medicine and Health Long Ago

    If you think that modern health systems are chaotic today, then be amazed at what the ancients did to cure the sick. Follow the medical practices of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Israelites. The Egyptian Temple of Kom Ombo, even has pictures of the various medical instruments they used back then carved onto its rear wall.  

    Encounter  forgotten  secrets the ancient Hebrews knew  regarding health and healing.  Some of their concepts of medical care were so advanced that  modern medicine  follows  some of these same practices today. However what  is  surprising is that many of the  Israelites most valuable insights have been  lost to  our secular societies today. Discover what was lost...

  • Topic 10

    Coins in Antiquity

    The history of coins is an interesting journey which reminds us of the way in which nations have bartered and traded over the centuries.

    Coins were probably first used for political propaganda  by the Romans. Rare coins of all types have been discovered in many archaeological sites around the ancient world.

    The Hebrew Scriptures refer to an old practise called tithing which goes back many centuries to the time of Abraham who came from Ur, in Sumer, or Mesopotamia.

  • Topic 11

    The Boy King Tutankhamen

    This intriguing story covers Pharoah Tutankhamen's accomplishments, death and hurriedly prepared new tomb. Discover the role of Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon and the reason why King Tut's tomb went undiscovered for so long.

    Beautiful photos show the treasures buried with this most famous Boy King. However, another less famous contender for the Egyptian throne is uncovered and his choices highlighted with those of his cultural heritage. We are asked why we don't reflect more regarding our daily choices and our ultimate destiny!