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  • Topic 1

    Land of the Pyramids

    • Journey with us back centuries in time as we encounter the first archaeological discoveries in Egypt and then uncover the mysteries of the great Pyramids.
    • Marvel at the Biblical story of the Exodus, which is explained and then examined for any parallel evidence from historical sources.
    • These Study Guides have questions spread throughout the text and these are known as Quizzes.
  • Topic 2

    The Egyptian Empire

    • Encounter some of the more prominent Pharaoh's of Ancient Egypt, like Akhenaton, Tutmosis III and Rameses the Great.
    • View the magnificent treasures from Tutankhamen's tomb.
    • Discover the identity of baby Moses found in the Nile River and the impact he would have on Egypt for many years to come.
  • Topic 3

    The Hittites

    The Hittites are mentioned quite often in the Old Testament of the Bible, but little was originally known of them in the past few hundred years of our modern history.

    They became extinct and a civilisation lost in time.

    The Hittites were not considered a great nation by modern scholars until after 1880, when it was realised that the Bible records were astonishingly accurate in how it described this great nation.

  • Topic 4


    An ancient and important nation to the north of Israel.

    Descended from one of Noah's sons Shem, and called Asshur.

    Known for their incredible military strength and cruelty.

  • Topic 5


    The Assyrian flood story is a fascinating insight into Babylonian thought.

    Babylonia is remembered for the law code of its King Hammurabi.

    The Tower of Babel is discussed and how what happened there changed the face of ancient history.

  • Topic 6

    The Neo-Babylonian Empire

    The kingdom of Babylon peaked in the days of King Nebuchadnezzar II, whose story is recorded in the Biblical book of Daniel, the Prophet.

    Encounter the huge statue that Nebuchadnezzar had built on the Plain of Dura for all the inhabitant's and surrounding nations to worship.

    Find out why King Belshazzar's feast heralded the end of this Empire.

  • Topic 7

    The Medo-Persian Empire

    This kingdom rose to the north of Babylon and came to prominence when its armies overthrew the Babylonian empire.

    The Medo-Persian Empire grew until it challenged the Greeks and was finally destroyed by the armies of Alexander the Great.

    The Biblical story of Queen Esther occurred during the time of this power.

  • Topic 8


    • This study guide jumps back to the time of the patriach, Abraham.
    • It discusses the nation that was in control of the Tigris/Euphrates River Valley, back in those days.
    • See the treasures and jewellery found in the Death Pits of the city of Ur.
  • Topic 9


    The poet described this city as the "rose-red city half as old as time."

    Petra survived many different rulers until it was eventually forgotten before being rediscovered.

    It goes back to the Edomites, descendants of Abraham through his grand-son Esau.

    This is the story of a nation who literally carved out a living out of the desert rocks.

  • Topic 10


    Another nation descended from Abraham.

    Israel's story is the main story of much of the Old Testament in the Bible.

    Many archaeological finds have thrown ernormours light on the history of Israel.

  • Topic 11

    The Messiah in Prophecy and History

    Follow the history of Israel and the fascinating story of their Exodus.

    Learn of Israel's greatest king's - David and Solomon.

    Investigate the ancient prophetic forecast of the coming Jewish Messiah.

    Weigh up the archaeological evidence of what life was like there in the time of Jesus the Christ (a Greek translation of the Hebrew word for Messiah).

  • Topic 12

    The Dead Sea Scrolls

    Uncover the forgotten story of how a shepherd boy throwing stones found some ancient jars and turned the scholarly world of Biblical studies upside down.

    Visit ancient Qumran on the shores of the salt encrusted Dead Sea.

    The discovery of these ancient documents throw so much light on the veracity of our modern translations of the Biblical Old Testament.