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    Who is this Man?

    Try Jesus Cover

    "the single most powerful figure not merely in these two millenniums but in all human history has been Jesus of Nazareth."
    R. Price, Jesus at 2000 (Cover), Time, Dec. 6, 1999.

    What is the Riddle of Life? Did Jesus Christ really claim to be God? If so, was he a Liar, the Lord, or a Lunatic? Discover intimate details about his character and predictions. Where does the Empty Tomb fit into this picture? Encounter the life of this amazing Person!

  • Topic 2

    The Bible - Can You Trust It?

    Try Jesus Cover How were the ancient Biblical writings preserved? Are they historically accurate? Is this collection of 2 Testaments - Old and New - a coherent message from God? How can these ancient Messages be best understood and what is their real purpose? What does the Bible have to do with my life and plans today? Get to grips with the suppressed truth about these Scriptures.

    Discover the truth about its real power and purpose. (Note: If this topic really interests you, why not enrol to do the Digging Up the Past course and read about the exciting discovery of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls).

  • Topic 3

    Where Did I Come From?

    Has the so called Search for Meaning - been successful? What about Evolution and the New Physics? What are the Big Questions that we need to consider today? Does the Biblical book of Origins (Genesis) have any answers? What is the image of God and how were humans created? How does this message impact empty, lonely people?

    Discover some significant answers to some of the big questions in life. Join us as we check out the origins of our humanity.

  • Topic 4

    What Is Wrong With the World?

    If God is so in control of the universe - why can't He take care of this little planet for us? Why are we subjected to this Bitter Sweet Symphony called Life? How did Evil get started and why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Has God done anything about this or doesn't He care?

    This topic offers a logical Biblical explanation regarding why the world has gone wrong and shares the option of a viable solution to the distressing situation that we often find ourselves in.

  • Topic 5

    Where Did Evil Come From

    We live in a Mad, Mad World of thrill-killing and ritualistic abuse that had its origins outside of our planet. Was there ever a Rebellion in Heaven? Why for Heaven's sake did not God kill the rebels and start again? Are we trapped in some sort of STAR WARS ... a cosmic conflict that spiralled out of control and landed down here amongst us? What is the real origin of Evil? Is explaining evil an attempt to excuse it?

    This topic shares how to really make a difference and resist evil by fighting back. The Good News is that we have not been left alone in this Cosmic Battle!

  • Topic 6

    The Theme of the Bible

    We may not need much convincing that life is not fair! The evil in the world is a daily reality for us. But God designed a fail-safe system to rescue people from the despair and loneliness of suffering, sickness and death.

    You need to know how one special person was chosen to save the world. This rescue operation was planned thousands of years ago. It reached it's pinnacle of operation, during a Roman crucifixion of a Jewish rabbi around AD 31. Learn what this event can mean for your life and how God's cosmic rescue plan can set you free from the pain of living a meaningless life.

  • Topic 7


    Guilt, is a really bad feeling of regret over what we have done to hurt ourselves or someone else. It is a huge problem today. Guilt is also a real spiritual condition that is often mistaken for suffering from low self-esteem. So how does God handle the 'sins' of sinners? What happens in Our Day In Court - in God's Judgment?

    Discover the amazingly Good News of how God can relieve us of this Sin & Guilt problem. There is a way out. You can be set free! Isn't it time to find the solution out for yourself?

  • Topic 8

    "Get in the Wheelbarrow!"

    What is the undying hunger we naturally feel inside ourselves? How do we get connected to the cosmic power that is God? What do we have to DO?

    Is faith the key to bridging the gap between our humanity and inherent spirituality? What lost information do we need to access? Did God give us a Gift that we do not know about and have not accepted? Learn how to respond to this Gift.

    Discover what it means to Get into the Wheelbarrow and how taking this action can save us from disaster.

  • Topic 9

    You can Talk to God!

    Imagine your sports trainer is lying down dying on the football ground. After the medics pronounce him dead - What exactly would you do?

    Read the thrilling story of a man who put in a Cosmic call requesting some miraculous help for his mate. This topic sensitively explores the subject of how to start talking to God. What 3 things are you promised by God, if you Pray? Are there any tips for how and when to access Divine intervention?

    Encounter 6 Secrets to Answered Prayer and discover how to get instantly FREE access to God - on your own wavelength.

  • Topic 10

    I will Never Leave You

    Is it true that we are never alone? We may feel alone and abandoned on a tiny planet within the universe, but what do the ancient Biblical writings reveal about our true condition? Is there really

    Someone to Watch over Me? Who or what is this Holy Spirit of God? What does He do and how can we plug into this Source of Cosmic power?

    Learn the 7 Secrets of how this Spirit from God can help you, personally, each day. You too can have simple access His power and truth in your Life, starting today - so what are you waiting for?

  • Topic 11

    God's Window into the Future

    Encounter the reason why some small school children were so scared about their own future? Why are people today generally fearful in this shaky and uncertain world? Discover a dramatic prophecy from ancient times which builds up a startling road map that predicted the future of the ancient and modern world with astounding accuracy.

    Be amazed at how this prophecy stopped Adolf Hitler from achieving a Third Reich across Europe. This topic explores how God does have a divine plan and shows that this world is still under His control. Learn what dire warnings God gave an ancient Biblical prophet to leave for future generations to both understand and act upon.

  • Topic 12

    The Second Coming of Jesus

    Why are there so many false prophets and false predictions? Do the ancient Biblical writings give us any clue about a cosmic rescue plan for Planet Earth? What are the main indicators for any supposed Return of Jesus Christ?

    Is this event a promise of Scripture and why is this predicted to happen to us? Can you personally know how near this climactic event is?

    The topic reveals the truth about the events surrounding the Second Coming of Christ.

  • Topic 13

    What Happens after Jesus Comes

    Ever been motivated enough to call for some real justice? There is a worldwide call for justice and it is for people to be judged fairly! So what about the Final Judgment of God? Discover what events happen right after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ back to this Earth.

    Can Evil ever have a true ending? Learn all about the 1000 year period and the Resurrection (refer to chart). If there is hope for the future, exactly what is it? Encounter reasons to be optimistic about the recreation of this planet and the final redemption of humanity. However, just what do YOU need to do - to survive it?

  • Topic 14

    What and Where Is Heaven?

    Was John Lennon right when he sang the song about Imagine there's no Heaven? The Biblical Scriptures speak repeatedly about the certainty and the reality of a place called Heaven. Learn about whether there will be any humans there and why evil will not rise again to spoil the new creation by God.

    Discover what Biblical truth Eric Clapton unveiled in his song Tears In Heaven. The really Good News about Heaven is that God wants everyone to be there. Understand how the choice of you being there - is really decided by you!

  • Topic 15

    Jesus' Guarantee of Victory over Death

    His wife waited for over 10 years for a message from deceased master escape artist, Harry Houdini - but he never did return from the dead, as he promised! But there is One person who is documented as having been resurrected from the dead in the time of the Roman Empire and that was Jesus Christ!

    Why not learn from One who came back from the dead? So what happens and where do we go when we die? Is there consciousness in death? Do we have an immortal or undying soul? Does God ever forget those who have died? Just why does the Bible call death "a sleep"? Make sure you take time to discover the Good News about death, for all those who choose to follow Jesus.

  • Topic 16

    A Framework For Freedom and Happiness

     Those who sought ultimate freedom in the past have often found themselves tied to unexpected outcomes that have greatly limited their freedoms. So where can true freedom be found? Evaluate 3 fundamental rules for Happiness. Should we all have a hierachy of consistent values that we ought to internalize? Discover what message God gave to all peoples for all time.

    What are the 10 main principles for living a fulfilling life? What values do you find essential to living a contented life in this world? Why not compare them to what God and Jesus said?

  • Topic 17

    A Day to Remember

    Many people today are just travelling too fast. What is the Biblical worldview that challenges our modern everything-must-be-fast society?

    Do you know what God made to celebrate finishing His Creation? He created a day of rest to combat human restlessness.

    Where can we find true rest for ourselves and our families in this restless age? Mother Theresa said that "God ... is the friend of silence." Want to learn more? Enjoy this topic on learning to slow down our lives with the purpose of increasing our spirituality.

  • Topic 18

    The Last Message of Hope to a Perishing World

    A man once said that our society has 'all the marks of a dying culture.' What parallels are there between the Titanic and our modern day situation? Multiple warnings were given but no one was listening!

    Is our world currently preoccupied with speeding towards an economic, environmental and social disaster? Is there a spiritual meaning behind this crisis? What messages of hope did Jesus leave with his followers? Do you understand what is meant for the world by the First, Second and Third Angel's messages? The Three Angel's Messages of Revelation 13 are all very significant themes. Discover their secret meanings for yourself.

  • Topic 19

    The Coming World Dictator - Who Will It Be?

    Today people are fearful of the rights of the majority being trampled by the agenda's of those pushing the New World Order. What last-day warning did Jesus give to believers? How will the majority of people be deceived? What will the ultimate false Christ do? Who are the two Beasts of Revelation 13? Who is the Antichrist that will lead the world into disaster? What is the issue that is at stake in the Great Final Crisis?

    Understand the last great struggle between truth and error in the longstanding cosmic controversy between Christ and Satan. Understand how the Antichrist is defeated. Learn how to stand up for what is right in God's Word, the Bible.

  • Topic 20


    Although Armageddon was a recent movie, it is also described in the Bible as a last-day conflict between the forces of Good and Evil. Some of the last-day issues for God's people are: Who are the Beast, the Dragon and the False Prophet? What will distinguish True from False Worship? What is the Mark of The Beast?

    What happens to Babylon's power base? When the controversy ends - which side will you be standing on? This study will help you decide what the true issues are and where you need to stand!

  • Topic 21

    Bringing People to Jesus

    When four men carried a paralytic man to meet Jesus, they ended up saving their friend, when Jesus healed the crippled man. Are today's followers of Christ also asked to also bring their friends, family, neighbours and workmates to experience a satisfying life - living for Jesus too? When He went back to Heaven, who did Jesus say would be his true Witnesses?

    Discover what are the 4 main ways in which we can witness for God? Learn more about how faith-sharing can be one of the greatest things you can do to advance the Kingdom of God.

  • Topic 22

    Good News About Health

    >Many people are truly surprised to find that the ancient Biblical writings have so much to say about our Health. Many who understand the concept of the Creator-God, are not surprised that the Maker had certain specific instructions for how his creatures should eat, drink and live.

    How do Genesis 1 & 2 outline the ideal environment for a healthy lifestyle? What was mankind's original diet in Eden? How close or far away are we from the ideal that God gave Adam and Eve? Read King Solomon's wise counsel on lifestyle issues. What are the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle? The answer is 8-10 extra years of life! Find out more ...

  • Topic 23

    Entering into a Relationship with Jesus

    Kerri's story, My Search for Peace, was all about rejecting God and running away from Him. Many of us can readily identify with that story. Then Kerri shared about how she finally stopped running and chose to have a right relationship with Jesus Christ. So the question is - How do you publicly show everyone that you want to become a follower of Jesus?

    In New Testament times, new believers were baptised by immersion. Why was Jesus' baptism so important? And what is the meaning of baptism for us today? Plus how do I permanently join with other believers in worshipping God?

  • Topic 24

    Stand Up and Be Counted

    In Bob Dylan's album titled, "Slow Train Coming," he sings a song that questions who we are following in life. "Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, But you're gonna have to serve somebody." Many people today follow political leaders, or have heroes who are so-called rock, sports or movie stars.

    At the end of the day, many people are influenced by someone else and end up following that person and copying their lifestyle. Today God is calling people to step forward and dedicate their lives to Him and thereby make a difference. By accepting His free gift of Salvation you can live a life full of meaning and be a blessing directly from God to other people. Want to know how? Read on ...