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    The World in Which Christ Lived

    Light of the World CoverJourney back in time to the exciting world of the first century where you will encounter an ancient world of poverty, diverse passions and a nation dominated by the iron fist of Rome. This colourful background canvas will provide the context for truly understanding the world in which Jesus Christ of Nazareth lived and died. Topics: The Authority behind the Jesus story. Two things to remember - Chronology & Complexity. The Surroundings of Jesus. A brief preview of Christ's life.
  • Topic 2

    The Babe of Bethlehem

    Light of the World CoverWhere was He born? Who were His parents? What welcome did He get? Who were among the first to worship Jesus? What message did the Dream have? Why did Jesus come to Planet Earth?
  • Topic 3

    The Mystery Of Immanuel

    Light of the World CoverHow was His divine Sonship established? Did Jesus Christ live with the Father before coming to Earth? Who led Israel in OT times? Who foretold Jesus' coming thousands of years before He arrived? How does He unite God with humanity? How can we best relate to Jesus?
  • Topic 4

    The Childhood and Youth of Jesus

    Light of the World CoverWho appeared to Joseph in a Dream? Where did they live after Egypt? How was Jesus educated? Was He ever lost in the Temple? Encounter His amazing development from youth to adult.
  • Topic 5

    The Baptism of Jesus

    Light of the World CoverWho was John the Baptist? Why did John hesitate to baptise the Christ? What Signs marked Jesus' baptism? Hear John's testimony about Jesus. Why was John the Baptist killed? Why is Baptism now a Christian ritual? What is the true meaning of Baptism?
  • Topic 6

    The Temptation in the Wilderness

    Light of the World CoverWho led Jesus Christ into the Wilderness? What was the first temptation? How did Satan tempt Christ? What was the Final temptation? How did the tempation end? What temptations come to everyone? How did Christ overcome temptation?
  • Topic 7

    Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples

    Light of the World CoverWhat questions were asked by the Rabbi's? What startling announcement did John the Baptist make? What did John's disciples do? Who did Andrew bring to Jesus? Who joined the Disciples next? What call did Jesus give by the Sea? Who Ordained the 12 Disciples? How were the Disciples transformed in character?
  • Topic 8

    The Miracles of Christ

    Light of the World CoverWhat was Christ's first miracle? How did He feed 5000 people? What miracle took place on the Sea of Galilee? How did Christ reveal His power over living creatures? Learn 3 important facts about miracles. View 4 lists of all of Christ's miracles.
  • Topic 9

    Christ, the Sinners' Friend

    Light of the World CoverHow did Christ really rescue the woman caught in adultery? Who was mercy shown to, at Simon's feast? What hope did Jesus give to Zacchaeus the tax-collector? How did Christ show His friendship for the lost? Why was Jesus accused of being "a friend of sinners!"
  • Topic 10

    The Sermon on the Mount

    Light of the World CoverWho are the true subjects of Christ's kingdom? What are His followers declared to be? What does Jesus teach about the Law? What can we learn about practical spirituality for today? What did Jesus say to people who are fearful? Why should we allow God to be the Ultimate Judge? Just what is the Golden Rule? What is the test of sincerity? Learn the true foundation of a Christian's character.
  • Topic 11

    The Kingdom of God

    Light of the World CoverHow does Jesus announce His Kingdom? What is His Kingdom all about? Why did Israel not enter the Kingdom? Why is Christ's Kingdom not of this world? What is the greatest Law in Christ's Kingdom? How can people put Christ's Kingdom first? Understand more about the Final Triumph of His Kingdom. Who will inherit this coming Kingdom?
  • Topic 12

    The Master Man

    Light of the World CoverWhat is the chief attribute of God? How is Love defined? Learn about how Love was revealed in Christ's teaching. Was Jesus compassionate towards those who were sick? Up close and Personal with Jesus - His Person and Manner. Why was Jesus - the Master Man? What was the supreme test of Jesus' character?
  • Topic 13

    Christ, the Great Healer

    Light of the World CoverHow did Jesus heal the Nobleman's son and the cripple at Bethesda? Learn how Jesus freed the Maniac of Capernaum. Can Christ heal all diseases? Raising the paralytic man from the mat. Jesus helped the Blind, Deaf and Dumb.What was the Crowning Miracle of all His works? Does Christ still heal the Sick of today?
  • Topic 14

    The All Sufficient Christ

    Light of the World CoverHow close is the relationship between Christ and humankind? What did Christ declare Himself to be? What title did Jesus claim? Christ our Righteousness? Why is Jesus, the Source of all Spiritual Power? Upon what foundation did Christ build His Church? What title did a pagan ruler give to Christ?
  • Topic 15

    Christ, the Servant of Mankind

    Light of the World CoverWho is to be the Greatest person? Why did Christ rebuke the false ministers? How did Jesus commend the sacrificial life and rebuke bigotry? What was Christ's final commission to the Church?
  • Topic 16

    The Faith and Teachings of Jesus

    Light of the World CoverDid Jesus accept the authority of the Sacred Scriptures? What was Christ's teaching about the dignity of man? Just what was Jesus' favourite theme? Learn about the nature of true worship. Why did Christ teach respect for civil government? What is God's part in our Salvation?
  • Topic 17

    Christ Unveils the Future

    Light of the World CoverWhat prophecy did Jesus make about His Gospel? What are the signs of His Second Coming? Learn about what signs were to appear in the Heavens. Do we know the time of Christ's Return? Is this Second Coming a certainty in our uncertain world?
  • Topic 18

    Christ Teaches in Parables

    Light of the World CoverHow did Jesus illustrate His message with poweful metaphors which would remain in His hearer's minds long after the lesson had ended? What can we learn from the growth of a single seed? Learn what is the meaning of a mustard seed. How was the work of God's Grace represented? What was the Pearl of Great Price all about? How did Jesus teach about the Judgment? What is the relationship between "new and old" things.
  • Topic 19

    The Good Shepherd

    Light of the World CoverHow did Jesus teach dependence upon God? What parable illustrates the need of Prayer? Why should the Christian not seek revenge? What meaning should we gain from the parable of the Lost Sheep? Learn more about the meaning of the parable of the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son. What was the story behind the Great Supper?
  • Topic 20

    Christ, the Preacher of Righteousness

    Light of the World CoverHow did Jesus stress the urgency of walking in the Light? What is the relationship between saying and doing? What happens to those who reject the Light? What about the man without a Wedding Garment! When will final rewards be given out by Jesus? Learn about the meaning behind the parable of the Ten Virgins - of whom Five were Wise and Five were Foolish.
  • Topic 21

    In the Shadow of the Cross

    Light of the World CoverFor which people group did Jesus work hardest to save? What were the 7 steps taken in the rejection of Christ? Why did Jesus rebuke the tradition of the Elders? What trouble arose at the Feast of Tabernacles? What circumstances led to the actual condemnation of Jesus?
  • Topic 22

    The Trial and Condemnation of Jesus

    Light of the World CoverWhere did Christ go after the resurrection of Lazarus? Follow Christ's final entry into Jerusalem. Why did Jesus say..."Do this in remembrance of Me." What final Promise did Christ make? What was Christ's Prayer in Gethsemane all about? Undertand more about the shocking details of Jesus terrible betrayal and trial.
  • Topic 23


    Light of the World CoverWhy was Jesus condemned to die? Who was released instead of Christ? Why was Simon asked to bear Jesus Christ's cross? Who were the criminals crucified with Jesus? Light then darkness overtake the crosses at Calvary.
  • Topic 24

    Jesus' Victory Over Death

    Light of the World CoverHow is the burial of Jesus described? Encounter the powerful Resurrection scene. Note who were the first people to visit Jesus' empty tomb. To whom did Jesus appear on the road to Emmaus? Where did Jesus appear next to give more evidence of His Resurrection from the grave.
  • Topic 25

    The Second Coming of Christ

    Light of the World CoverWhat was the point of Christ's ascension to Heaven? What unfinished ministry did He have to do there? What happens when Jesus ends his work as man's sole Intercessor in the Heavenly Sanctuary? What will be the final climactic event of the ages and how will it effect everyone on planet Earth for eternity?