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  • Topic 1

    Cover 1So you want to explore this letter from a friend!

    At some time or other we stop to wonder - Who am I? Where did I come from? What purpose is there in my life?

  • Topic 2

    Cover 2Created or evolved? Planned or just happened?

    Sooner or later most of us stop and wonder "“ Who made the world? Who made people? Why am I here? Is there a God? If so, who is He? Where is He?

  • Topic 3

    Cover 3Is the Devil For Real?

    In some parts of the world, people trap elephants by digging large pits and covering them with leaves and grass. Then they build a stockade (large fence) up toward the hidden pit. With their drums they frighten a herd of elephants toward the stockade until they crash into the pits and are trapped.

  • Topic 4

    Cover 4Make Friends With God?

    How do we know when we are making mistakes, and how do we get the desire to change?
    What do I have to do to be saved?

  • Topic 5

    Cover 5God's Solution!

    God created a perfect world, but something went wrong somewhere. Let"™s continue our exploration of the Bible to discover:

    • how man was created
    • what went wrong
    • if God has a solution
  • Topic 6

    Cover 6God's Original Plan!

    While we can see many beautiful things around us, we cannot really understand how beautiful our world was originally.
    Is God happy with our world the way it is?
    Does He have other plans for us and our world?
    Let"™s explore our Bible to find the answers.

  • Topic 7

    Cover 7Where Are The Dead?

    Death is feared more than anything else because so few people understand what death is, and what happens to a person when he dies.
    Happiness in a home can be turned to sadness overnight. Naturally, we want to know what happens to someone we love when they die.
    Job asked this question, too. Let"™s read about it in the Book of Job.

  • Topic 8

    Cover 8There Is Something I Can Do To Show My Friend That I Love Him!

    So far our exploring has shown us that Adam and Eve did not fully trust God. But God still loved them!
    God still loves us when we have disobeyed Him, though it makes Him very sad. He still wants to be our friend.

  • Topic 9

    Cover 9Signs My Friend Has Told Me!

    What"™s news! With ever-increasing regularity we hear of devastating earthquakes, cyclones, famines. Other problems are taking people"™s lives by the thousands, too "“ wars. Before one war is over, another has started elsewhere in the world. Today"™s leaders are never sure they will be in power tomorrow.

    Will this trouble ever end?
    What does the Bible say?

  • Topic 10

    Cover 10Jesus Is Coming Again!

    A new home for us where all will be happiness and peace! That"™s what we are waiting for. Best of all, Jesus is planning a special trip to take us to our new home.

    How can we be sure?

  • Topic 11

    Cover 11Where Is The Promise?

    Search the Bible from cover to cover, but you will not find the exact date. Many people would like to know the exact time so they can prepare.

    Our Bible tells us that Jesus will return the second time, but when?

  • Topic 12

    Cover 12How Can I Be Really Happy?

    What really makes a person happy "“ wealth, good food, plenty of friends? Does the Christian life offer happiness? As Christians we must always find out what God would have us do.

    Let"™s see what the Bible has to say about true happiness.

  • Topic 13

    Cover 13Is God Interested In Health?

    Some people were being shown through a prison. In one room they noticed a prisoner sewing a heavy canvas mail-bag. As they passed, one said to the prisoner, "Sewing?" "No," he answered grimly, "reaping."

    The prisoner was learning the hard way that sooner or later we reap the results of whatever we do with our lives.

    But what does God have to do with my health?

  • Topic 14

    Cover 14God's Special Day!

    Birthdays are a celebration. Each year we like to remember the special day when we were born. God has a special day, also "“ not just for Himself, but so we can remember too.

    Don't forget - you have a date!

  • Topic 15

    Cover 15Living For Jesus!

    When God created our world it was perfect. He wanted His Family to be happy. How do we become part of God"™s family? How do we keep in contact with Jesus?

    If we choose to follow Jesus, we can have the life that Adam lost through sin.