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    Why Don't You Stop Pain and Evil?

    Ten Questions For God CoverThis is one of the most urgent questions that people want answered. Why is there pain and suffering in our world? Why does Evil exist and prosper - if God is a Good God and Loving? What is His solution to Evil? Read on to discover the real answers in this topic. Let's examine the true origins of evil and the role that rebellion and mutiny played in the way that God's original plan for us and planet Earth - was completely hijacked.
  • Topic 2

    Can Love Really Work?

    In Ten Questions For God Covera world of broken relationships, sexual violence and divorce - are we crazy to still believe in the true power of Love? What are the qualities that men seek in women and what characteristics do women pursue in men? Are these qualities the same? Discover the base ingredients of what true love really is and the life of one person who demonstrated the greatest gift of love for all time.
  • Topic 3

    Sex - Do You Approve?

    Ten Questions For God CoverIn this topic you will encounter the fact that God believes in sex. What? Well He did claim to have created both the hardware and the software! The Bible contains one whole book of Erotica written by a love-sick king of Israel. If God inspired this whole book on Love - what was He trying to tell us about Sex? What principles and values can safeguard our relationships? Find a new spiritual way of understanding about romantic and physical love that will not leave you feeling ripped off.
  • Topic 4

    Is The Occult Real?

    Ten Questions For God CoverGhosts, haunted houses, clairvoyants, astrology, the supernatural, psychics, channeling, seances, satanic cults...
    Want to find out the truth behind all of these phenomena? You maybe surprised when you discover just who are the spirits of spiritism.
  • Topic 5

    Is Heaven Real?

    Ten Questions For God CoverWhen John Lennon sang, "Imagine there's no Heaven..." he may have spoken for a lot of people who doubt the reality of there being a place called Heaven. But just because it sounds way out and beyond our current understanding, does not discount it as an ultimate reality. So what is it? How do you get there? Forget all the soggy notions of sitting on clouds and playing harps - it's time to encounter the real details.
  • Topic 6

    Will The World End?

    Ten Questions For God CoverMost people today have some theory about how the end will come. Some predict a bang, others say a whimper. Encounter the 5 most popular theories of the end of Planet Earth. What do the false prophets say? And discover the 5 global SIGNS that tell us how close we are to "THE END."
  • Topic 7

    Who Was Jesus?

    Ten Questions For God CoverThere is no doubt that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is still a controversial figure today. The DaVinci code raised a lot of questions about his life. But no historian doubts that JC actually lived! Explore the meaning of His life - was he a teacher, a madman, or a great con artist? What predictions did He make? Is He exactly who He said He was? And what is the historical evidence for those amazing claims.
  • Topic 8

    Does Prayer Work?

    Ten Questions For God CoverSomeone said that 'Prayer changes things.' But people want to simply know - Does it work? Encounter 5 of the greatest doubts about Prayer. And learn why is Prayer such an effective worry remover! Discover exactly what are the 12 keys to successful prayer. Be careful as your prayers may not change the world so much as they may change you!
  • Topic 9

    Did You Create The World?

    Ten Questions For God Cover... and does it matter? Well yes, it really does matter as our world-view influences our behaviour and lifestyle. Read about Great Moments in Evolution - when humankind have acted worse than animals ever could. Take a moment to investigate the contrasting viewpoints of atheistic evolution vs. intelligent design. These two systems are galaxies apart and yet their results will be eternal.
  • Topic 10

    Did You Write The Bible?

    Ten Questions For God CoverIf God did not inspire the ancient Biblical writings - then someone else had better step up to claim a book that outsells all others each year including the Guiness Book of Records. Who really wrote it? Where did the writers get their material from? What is its purpose? Learn about 5 Bible myths that are lies and distortions of the countless truths found in the ancient Scriptures.