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Health CourseWe influence our health by how we live, work, and interact, with other people and with our environment. So our choice of behaviour will either enhance or endanger our health.

The choice is yours - you can take control now and positively influence your health.

Want to be in control of your life?Need to better understand your life?

Taking Charge of Your Life provides direction and motivation for those who want the most out of life. It reveals the 7 keys to personal power and influence. Enjoy this fascinating and life-changing course!

What one Student told us ...
"I decided to take on your free offer of the course and it helped me build my self-esteem back slowly, improve my communications, and learn the effect of giving love back to others."

Divorce in the UK costs about £4 billion annually. Yet, very few people spend money on Relationship Education.

The Relationships Course (Topics 1-8) is a brilliant mix of modern psychology and practical tips that anyone can understand. Subjects: Romance vs. reality, Unfulfilled expectations, Sameness and difference, Communication misunderstandings, Family patterns, Handling conflict, Intimacy & Sex, and managing Money. The Parenting Course (Topics 9-14) deals with the tough issues of Parenting styles, Communication skills, Discipline, Preventing addictions and proven steps to becoming a Successful family. Both sections can be done separately, or together.

Designed for 7 to 12 yr olds.
Enjoy flash-based animated inserts.
High-tech sounds & graphics.
Brilliant colours are cool with kids.
Follows the theme of Friendship with God.
Each lesson leads step by step through the great Bible basics.
You will discover some very exciting things about ...
God, your future, family and mostly about yourself!

    For 15 to 35 year olds. This is not a religious series - but it explores the 10 Questions for Godspiritual dimensions of current social questions.

    Ten Questions for God uses very modern comic style graphics and a language young people understand.

    Developed as the result of a survey asking this age group ...
    "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?"
    This series cover the 10 most often asked questions - such as ...

      • Why Don't You Stop Pain and Evil?
      • Sex: Do You Approve?
      • Is the Occult Real?
      • Who was Jesus?

    Here is what a student said about Try Jesus: "Before I started this course I was someone who felt so empty, so incomplete, so lost. I was searching, and you'll never know how grateful I am to have discovered this course of Bible study. I no longer have an empty 'God hole' inside. I have really come alive!"

    Jesus - Light of the WorldA modern day look at the Man who has had the greatest ever impact on human history. This is the real Jesus -- the Jesus of the street and the workplace, not of the monastery or the cathedral. A fascinating in depth personal and reflective study of his life and times. So why not travel back in time 2,000 years to the world in which Jesus Christ lived and experience His life challenging teachings?

    Enjoy a breathtaking journey starting with the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt, with author and archaeologist David Down. Investigate ancient tombs and discover the fascinating architecture and history of the pyramids.

    From the ancient to the sacred, don"™t miss the opportunity to delve down deep within the lost civilisations of the Egyptians, Hittites, Assyrians, Medo-Persians, Babylonians, Nabateans, Sumerians and Israelites. An awesome series of amazing discoveries!

    DDThis new internet course, Digging Deeper, is field archaeologist David Down's second series on archaeology, history and the Bible.

    You must have done the first series called Digging Up The Past, before you are eligible to start this more advanced second level course.

    Digging Deeper goes much further than the first series in evaluating the spiritual values of ancient civilisations.

      From the ruins and relics of ancient civilisations to the mechatronics and robotics age not forgetting the promise of technologies to come; we journey across time to find what is in the future according to the Holy Bible and how the past has laid a foundation for how we understand the future.